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What is Energy Psychotherapy?

Energy Psychotherapy is an integration of Energy Psychology methods into psychotherapeutic practice. It is a development of the ‘talking therapies’ which has proved to be of benefit to clients.

What is the Energy Psychotherapy Network?

We are a grouping of practitioners who use these methods – psychotherapists, counsellors, and others in the mental health professions in the UK and Ireland.  We value our varied core trainings and work together to practice, teach, and support one another in ongoing learning and research. Read more about us

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David Feinstein’s updated review article on energy psychology, published in Explore Journal is now available.



Energy Psychology: Efficacy, Speed, Mechanisms

Besides being succinct, compelling, and free, it takes on and adeptly addresses the major criticisms of energy psychology one-by-one. We’re hearing that it is opening rich dialogue both within and outside of our field.