Converging Streams Learning Programme

Many of us having worked for years with other psychoanalytic and cognitive approaches find that energy psychology appears to offer results that are more rapid, deep and gentle than we or our clients have hitherto experienced.  We have struggled with our own perplexity and scepticism, including the natural and almost ubiquitous tendency to reject whatever violates our fundamental assumptions, and we find ourselves embracing this developing field of therapeutic enquiry with persisting enthusiasm and astonishment.”

Phil Mollon,  Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (2008)

Energy Psychotherapy is a synthesis of psychotherapy and a group of approaches known as Energy Psychology. This developing field is quickly gaining recognition, with an increasing body of research demonstrating its effectiveness. New understandings of the impact of trauma on the body, including advances in neurobiology, support the use of methods which integrate the body-mind. Working energetically also takes us beyond what is possible through talking therapy alone in releasing enduring relational, spiritual and psychosomatic patterns.

The Converging Streams Learning Programme is run by a group of psychotherapists who have integrated energy psychology methods into their existing therapeutic practice and are members of the energy psychotherapy network.

We are awed and amazed by the simple and gentle effectiveness of including these methods in our psychotherapeutic practice and are passionate about encouraging colleagues to discover for themselves the value of integrating energy psychology into their work.

We have observed that whilst many psychotherapists and counsellors are moved, impressed and interested by existing short workshops, many do not integrate the work into their practice.   Hence the intention of our programme is to enable participants to integrate the methods, theory and practice of energy psychology into their therapeutic practice and to encourage each therapist to make their own integration with their core psychotherapeutic modality.

These courses are for mental health professionals such as psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

The programme is designed to meet the needs of those who are new to energy psychology and also of those who wish to deepen and extend their practice.

Courses are held in London, Leamington Spa, Oxford and occasionally elsewhere. Dates of upcoming courses can be found on the Events page

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