Programme Structure and Certification

The programme was first set up in 2013 as a one year course by Judith Anderson, James Barrett, Heather Redington and Ruthie Smith. It has now evolved into a modular learning programme, allowing for greater flexibility for different learning needs and availability of time and resources.

In order to qualify as a practitioner who has integrated energy psychology methods into their practice, the usual learning pathway does still take at least one year and has the following steps:

Introductory/Taster Days (Optional)

These are held in London, Oxford, Leamington Spa and elsewhere and provide an introduction to the field and an opportunity to discover whether you would like to learn more. The days include background information, case study material, demonstration and hands on experience. All the teaching covered in the Introductory Days is covered again in the Foundation Course

Five Day Foundation Course

These also take place in London, Oxford and Leamington Spa over 2 or 3 weekends and give a good basis for integrating Energy Psychotherapy into your practice with the support of a supervisor who is experienced in using these methods.

Advanced Seminars

This is a 2-year programme of seminars which provide a opportunities for further practice whilst learning new techniques. They are open for all practitioners to attend for CPD or as part of the qualification route in Energy Psychotherapy for those who have attended the Foundation Course.

Those of us working with Energy Psychotherapy find we have an appetite to continue to learn new methods and to benefit from the wisdom of a variety of teachers. You can build on the Foundation by attending some of the series of one and 2-day Converging Streams Seminars in London which also includes opportunities to learn from other teachers in the field.


In order to qualify to be listed on this website you need to:

Receive supervision of your practice and have a report from your supervisor

Prepare two written case studies

Write two self-assessments of learning, usually after completing the Foundation Course and at the time of submitting case studies

Your personal experience of energy psychotherapy as a client is strongly recommended

We support your learning through a tutorial system.

If you have already had some training in Energy Psychotherapy and would like to join our network, please get in touch. There are also other routes available to being listed as a practitioner on the Energy Psychotherapy Network.

Programme Content

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