AIT – Advanced Integrative Therapy

Information here is taken from the  AIT website

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) was developed in US by Asha Clinton who based her work on the psychodynamic underpinnings provided by analytic psychology, object relations, and self psychology; on traumatology, energy psychology and energy healing; and on teachings and practices drawn from many world religions.

It is a dynamic energy psychotherapy that may provide individuals with lasting relief from a range of trauma based psychological problems.

Starting from the premise that all upsetting events are types of trauma, and that they are housed within the body, mind and spirit, Advanced Integrative Therapy has the potential to transform the after-effects of trauma. It attends to problems caused by trauma such as disturbing emotions, negative beliefs and attitudes,  dissociation, spiritual blockage, psychosomatic problems.

Psychotherapists who study AIT learn how to access unconscious material through ideomotor cueing (muscle testing), and how to move energy through the body’s major energy centres (chakras) to more effectively process symptoms, their cause and after-effects.

AIT seminars are open only to those helping professionals with graduate level training that focuses on mental health. In the UK, this means membership of BACP, UKCP, BPC or a qualification in Clinical Psychology or Psychiatry.

AIT training is offered in 3-day seminars combining theory and practice. Click here for AIT UK/Europe events

For more information on the Basics and Advanced Seminars, certification click here for the  AIT website AIT website

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