Ask and Receive

Ask and Receive was devised by Sandi Radomski in conjunction with Tom Altaffer while she was working with him to treat his severe allergies. The practice is based on the assumption that an allergy is the body’s inflammatory response to a trauma. With Tom, Sandi found that it was possible to treat allergies simply using intention and words, and they devised a five-phrase protocol accessing ‘that part of my Being’ that is linked to a higher state of knowledge to enable healing to take place.


Continuing to develop Ask and Receive they have discovered that the method can also be used to enable any healing intention, and any wished-for outcome, provided that it is in accordance with a person’s highest interest. Working with Pam Altaffer, they have developed three versions of their protocols, Simple, Muscle-testing and Felt Sense Ask and Receive.


The elegance of this method is that it works independently of any spiritual beliefs. In this regard, it is democratic and intended for everyone, for we all have the ability to reach higher states of knowledge to obtain changes in every part of our lives, including greater health, less pain and the release of traumatic experiences.

Ask and Receive is being taught in London in September 2017. See Events

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