DEH – Dynamic Energetic Healing

Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH) is a unique integration of Energy Psychology, Core Shamanism and Process-work Principles into Psychotherapy, devised by Howard Brockman and well described in his book.

Howard Brockman has taught in UK annually since 2013 and Energy Psychotherapists have benefited and been influenced by his teaching.

Some energy psychotherapy practitioners in UK use his full protocols.

His emphases that have influenced a wider circle of energy psychotherapists and are part of the Converging Streams advanced seminars include:

– energy testing (muscle testing) for the right treatment out of many energy modalities

– creating intentions and treating what stands in the way

– understanding and working with subtle negative energy

– the potential for integrating shamanic work into practice

– setting an energetic boundary with traumatic origins

– establishing embodiment

Details of DEH UK Seminars in September 2016