TFT – Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy was devised by Roger Callahan (1925 – 2013), one of the founding fathers of energy psychology. He found that distress was encoded within the energy system of the body, which he conceptualised as the ‘thought field’, and that the distress could be dissipated and relieved by sequences of tapping on the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, while that distress was held in mind.

He found that these sequences could be diagnosed through muscle-testing: he also devised set tapping sequences, which he called algorithms, for commonly occurring negative emotional states, such as anxiety and fear.

However he also found that some people were resistant to this treatment. They could be ‘neurologically disorganised’ and he devised simple ways of correcting that, or they could be experiencing what he called ‘psychological reversals’, unconscious blocks to the treatment, akin to Freud’s concept of resistance. He said that these reversals and his methods of overcoming them were his most important discovery, and it is true that all modalities of energy therapy incorporate some way of treating reversals.

TFT is most effective for treating phobias and traumas, and has been used by teams in areas of conflict such as Rwanda, treating refugees and orphans suffering from PTSD.

Training in TFT starts with learning the algorithms at one level of qualification, before moving on to learning how to diagnose particular sequences for each individual client by muscle-testing.

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