How to be listed on this site as a practitioner

March 2013

This is a response to those who have expressed interest in being named as practitioners on and reflects the current state of our thinking.

The website started as the on-line presence of a network of practitioners who by and large knew each others’ work. Hence it was appropriate to have some names so as to identify psychotherapists whom this network represented.

The move from that to inviting people to apply, suggested some sort of selection procedure, so we initially thought in terms of a membership sub-committee.   It then became apparent to us that this was not viable. In starting to approve people we would be behaving like an institution when we don’t yet have an institution!   It really is an enormous leap from a self identifying group.  Such a committee would need to be framed by the consensus and bye-laws of an organisation; it needs appropriate oversight.

This will come about in the future as our network develops.

For now what makes sense to us is to rely on the formal qualifications offered by the established courses in energy psychology which are taught to health professionals who are members of established organisations with Codes of Ethics and Practice and Complaints Procedures.

So, the criteria for inclusion as a practitioner on the website are to be a health professional (such as psychotherapist, counsellor, art therapist, medical practitioner, clinical psychologist), with membership of an organisation with Codes of Ethics & Practice, and Complaints Procedures, who has also has a qualification from one of the courses in energy psychology which includes evidence of integration of energy psychology into their practice.

We also expect applicants to confirm they have read, and subscribe to, the supervision policy on the website

The issue of qualifications is straightforward in the case of, for example, AIT, and courses in EFT for psychotherapists such as that held by Viv Fogel.   Those who wish to be included as practitioners on the website on the basis of attendance at Phil Mollon’s PEP courses need to discuss with him what he would require as a qualification in the basic principles of PEP.   This may involve a written case study that would demonstrate a thoughtful understanding and application of the basic principles of energy psychology.

Applicants need to do the following things:

Send copies of
their current membership and registration with a professional body such as for example BPS, UKCP
their qualification from an energy psychology course.
If possible please scan these and send them by email to . Otherwise send photocopies by post to Sandra Figgess at 36 Southdale Road OX2 7SD

Confirm in writing that you have read and subscribe to the supervision policy on the  website.